Day 5(Wednesday)

Praise reports:  Marcus(a kid from the VBS that John Wallace talked to) and Jacob(a man in the hollers that Jim Hall talked to) surrendered their lives to the Lord!  Praise God!

Please pray for Justin who we meet at the homeless shelter today please pray for his salvation.  And please pray for Jimmy, who Jim, Lindsay, and Ben talked to in the hollers, for his salvation.

Love to you all!!!

Hannah and Maddie

Day 4(Tuesday)

Al and Maddie

Ben–wondering what in the world that thing is behind the camera…. 😉

Hannah and Kellie 😀

Tatyana and Cheryl pray with  Mary Lue

Sweet little Keyden






Kids play at the games station…they love Al!

And here is our lovely Al….





Ladies Bible Study

Kids playing on the playground

Anna…ok, she was tired…. 😛

A handful of the kids from Hannah’s group(pre-k and kindergarten)  They are so adorable….and a couple of them are quite the handful 🙂

Margot and Abby


God is good!   Thank you all for following along and for your prayers.  We could use continued prayers with patience toward the kids, what beautiful children they are, but they are little sinners, haha, and God has been stretching us all thru them


Day 3 (Monday)

Penny and Gayla prepare for VBS

Our  sweet Kellie!!!


Peyton(Hannah’s little shadow)

Our play, Al and Tatyana were great!!!

Peace-Maddie and Hannah

Day 3(Monday)

We went to do some door to door evangelizing up in the hollers this morning. The houses here are pretty spread out, so we get to do a lot of walking on the winding roads going up and down the mountains. Many of the folks here love to talk and are happy to see us walking up to their doors. The majority of them know of the Freeda Harris Center and talk very highly of Pastor Greg and his wife. It’s always really cool to get into discussions with the individuals here because after just a few minutes they open up and start talking about themselves; things like how long they’ve lived here and their previous careers or hobbies.

Love you all!!!