Day 2(Sunday)

Devotional time in the morning



Sunday morning we divided into groups and went to five different churches.  Here’s our special Al and Pastor Nick!  It was great, Allan got up and shared a little at Nick’s church.  They were all so precious and so welcoming.  And the worship was amazing!!!  Like seriously guys, we sung Amazing Grace bluegrass style!!! 😀

Al and John–John is a little camera shy, haha 😛


Hannah and Al getting ready at the registration table


Jim and Jim setting up for VBS.


Maddie, Abby, and Tina serving dinner.

Our dear team leader Alex has done an AWESOME job grilling up all sorts of yummy food for us!

The gentleman in the ball cap, Russel came down to help grill, what a blessing it was to have him and it was so great to see his heart in serving!

As the folks ate at the cookout, we spent time fellowshipping with them, what a sweet time it was.

The kids play basketball with Isaac!  What a great young man.

Donnie and Alice!!!!

Anna, Gayla, and Lindsay spent awhile sharing with this kind lady, Vicky(Isaac’s mom) about the Lord and shared our need for Him–please pray for her salvation.

And lastly….here we are uploading the blog 😀








Day 2(Sunday)

Howdy yawl!!!!


Today was a wonderful, blessed day in the Lord.  We hosted a community cookout.  It was a wonderful time as people came from the surrounding hollers for a time of food and fellowship.  We also pre-registered kidos for the VBS.


So, a quick testimony of our God’s greatness and mercy:  A bunch of the kids were outside playing, and I noticed a young boy sitting by himself so I went over and sat down with him and we started talking.  He told me his name, Jacob, and he started telling me about how he is lonely because his dad isn’t around that often because of work or he’s always out with his friends.  I prayed with him and for his dad, then we kept talking and it turned to talking about church and bible stories, so I asked him if He knew about Jesus and the gospel.  He only knew a very little, so I shared the gospel with him.  I walked him thru some verses in Romans, I told him because we are all sinners, and God demands perfection, and since we all have fallen short if we die in our sins, we will be eternally separated from Him in hell.  Then I shared the good news with him that God so loved the world He sent His only Son that whosoever believes in Him will have everlasting life.  I told him God desires all to turn to Him, to turn from their sin and to Him, surrendering their life to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  And He will wash their sin away and give them everlasting life!  As I spoke to him, I could tell he was really listening and he understood it.  So when I was done, I asked him if he understood, he said yes and he was really quiet and pondering what he had just heard.  I asked Jacob if he was ready to surrender his life to the Lord and he said yes, I am!  So we prayed together and right there this sweet boy gave his heart and life to Jesus!  It was awesome!  We gave him a Gideon bible and wrote his name and date in the back….God is just so good!  All praise and glory go to Him and Him alone!


Here are a few prayer requests we have:


Our dear brother Allen’s dad is having some health problems, his arms and legs are swelling up, please pray for him and the family.  His name is Anthony.  He loves the Lord, just pray for the Lord to be with him during this time, and with his family; also for strength, comfort, and peace during this time.


Also please remember Jacob in your prayers, pray the Lord would keep him, grew him, and bring a spiritual leader into his life.   Please pray for his younger brother Connor to come to know the Lord and pray for his Dad, his name is Craig.  Please pray that God would restore his heart to his boys, that he would surrender his life to the Lord and be the spiritual head in his family God wants him to be.


Please pray for an older gentleman, Jay, he’s in the hospital, he has black lung, please lift him up and his wife Nancy.  They are believers.  John Wallace got to go see him and minister to him and his daughter.  Please also pray for their son Jay junior, that if he hasn’t fully surrendered his life to the Lord, that God would save him.  And that the Lord will just be with that family during this rough time.


And also, please just pray God will continue to pour his blessing and spirit upon us as we continue thru our week!  God has been so faithful and we know He will continue to be.  All glory and honor belong to Him!  Thank you our dear brothers and sisters!!  Love you guys!!!!!

Hannah and Maddie  😀


Pictures are coming!!!