Team Meeting and Cook Out

Today we had a long, fun day together in preparation for our time in KY.

Ben and Abby lead us in a time of praise and worship before we broke off into smaller groups to prepare for VBS.


Some of the team cuts out paper snowflakes in prep for our ‘Operation Arctic’ themed VBS.


And some of the team rehearsed the play that will be part of the VBS.

And of course….we ate! 🙂  We all are pretty good at that, huh?!  A shout out to our grand team leader, Alex for his fabulous job at grilling up that chicken and hamburgers!

And lastly…but definitely not leastly…our dear team member Maddie sleeps the day away while the rest of us were hard at work 🙂  Haha, kidding 😀


Thanks to you all for a great day together!

God Bless you for your faithful work in bringing this together!

Love in Christ,