Introduction Post

Hi everyone!

So a little bit of backround about what this mission trip is about…CC Fredricksburg has been heading up this mission’s trip for years now, this is CC Manassas’ second time going with the CC Fred group.  The area of Kentucky we are going to is in Pike County, near Elkhorn City, a former coal-mining town.  I say former, because years ago now, the coal mine shut down, causing everyone to lose their jobs and means of income.  This town is now very poor, and there are no jobs to be had in the immediate area, you have to go to one of the surrounding cities, like Elkhorn City, or Pikeville.  Drugs are a major problem in this area, and the families we will be ministering to are often times falling apart, and their lives’ are in shambles, not just physically, but spiritually.

So what do we do when we go?  Well, for the spring trip (CC Fred also goes in Dec. for a couple days) we stay 1 week, Saturday to Saturday, this year April 8-15.  Monday through Friday from 4pm to 7pm we have a VBS for the local kids.  This is really a big part of what we do there, and its amazing to be with these kids, most of whom are in messed up family situations, whose parents are either absent, or involved in drugs, alcohol, etc.  So, its great to be able to pour into these sweet kids for a week, loving them, sharing the gospel with them, and just having fun with them.

Another big part of what we do is door-to-door evangelism, going up into the hollers, inviting people to come to the VBS, and sharing the gospel.  Also this year some of the team will be offering discipleship for believers, so inviting people to that as well.  The people we encounter are for the most part, very hospitable and kind, often times inviting us into the house.

Yet another ministry we do while in KY, is outreaches to different places, this year a Veterans home, Drug rehab center and a homeless shelter.  We provide lunch, do worship, and someone often shares a testimony, or a message, then we just fellowship with them, pray with them, and share the gospel.

So that’s a summary of our mission for Kentucky this April.  We hope you all enjoy seeing pictures and getting updates throughout our week there, as well as the weeks leading up to it.  For us, beforehand, aside from preparations for all the material things, VBS prep, food prep, etc., its also a time for our team to grow together in our walks, and individually in our walks…to fill up before we go and pour out.  Its amazing to see how God knits our hearts together as a team, and we all get to know each other pretty well after being together 24/7 for a whole week!

Our ‘living conditions’ for the week is a gymnasium graciously given for our use that week by a Minister there in KY, so we all sprawl our air mattresses around the floor and some of us don’t sleep while others snore away!  J  But there is a small kitchen put to good use while we’re there. (And yes, bathrooms too.) The bedding gets packed up every morning since we also hold VBS in the Freeda Harris Baptist Center, as the gymnasium is called.

Anyways, we would very much appreciate everyone’s prayers for the gospel to go forth and also for the body of believers in KY to come together with us in reaching out to their community.  God Bless!

Abigail Spear