Day 7-Friday

Today a handful of us went to the drug rehab center.  What an awesome time we had with the guys there!  We had a time of worship, then Allen shared the gospel.  There were about 120 men who came!  It was awesome, and they all were really tuned in and listening to Al.

Please pray for Dwayne who gave his life to the Lord!  God is so faithful!

Also pray for Tyler’s salvation.

And for Michael, Mike, Kyle, Josh, and Aaron.  A handful of guys we encouraged in their walks and prayed with them–there were so many more… please just keep these guys in your prayers, every day is a struggle for them, they need the Holy Spirit’s help everyday.

Men listen as Al gives his message

Ben talks with Jonathan


Al teaching

Eating lunch!!!



Day 5(Wed.) Homeless Shelter

Hey guys,

Today about 12 of us went to a homeless shelter in Pikeville.  It was a really sweet time, only about 3 people were there the entire time so we had some really good one on one time.  We had a time of praise and worship, then Allan shared a message.  Robert and Kellie were new believers, so we spent time just encouraging them in their walks and fellowshipping with them.  Then John and Al talked to Justin, who doesn’t know the Lord.  He heard the gospel and it really broke him, but he still said he wasn’t ready to surrender to the Lord.  Please pray for his salvation.  And also please pray for Robert and Kellie and their two boys.  That God would encourage them during this hard time, that they would follow Him closely as the Good Shepherd.

Thank you all!  We love you guys!

Maddie and Hannah


Al shares a gospel message–it was really cool to see everyone so tuned in and really listening.

John talks to Justin

Al talks to Robert and Kellie

Ben and his toyssss 😉


Day 5(Wednesday)

Praise reports:  Marcus(a kid from the VBS that John Wallace talked to) and Jacob(a man in the hollers that Jim Hall talked to) surrendered their lives to the Lord!  Praise God!

Please pray for Justin who we meet at the homeless shelter today please pray for his salvation.  And please pray for Jimmy, who Jim, Lindsay, and Ben talked to in the hollers, for his salvation.

Love to you all!!!

Hannah and Maddie